PNSC swimmers enjoy the opportunity to purchase club swimsuits at a price much lower than retail prices. In the past, PNSC has subsidized the cost of the suits but this will vary on a year to year basis, depending on the funding we receive.

Our distinctive club suits are black Speedo suits made of a polyester material called Endurance +. They are extremely durable and resist breakdown by the chlorine.

The female suits are pro back style while the males wear jammer style suits. All suits have a royal blue and white PNSC logo crest (shown above) imprinted;  female suits on the rear left hip area and for the jammers on  the front of the lower left leg.

Our swim cap is a navy blue silicone embossed with yellow letters.

Our coaches and assistant coaches are provided with polo shirts embroidered with our crest and lettering on the back designating them as coaching staff. Our young junior leaders also wear T shirts that are imprinted with our logo.

Swimsuits are sold during the PNSC Fall and Winter/Spring Sessions - information on swimsuit try-ons and distribution will be conveyed on the website and via e-mail.

We encourage all our members to show their PNSC pride by wearing their PNSC swimwear when at practices.

Many thanks to our friends at Team Aquatic Supplies and Punchline Embroidery for their assistance in helping our club produce our swimwear.

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Last Updated: October 16, 2019