The Percy Norman Swim Club is a non-competitive swim club, run by parent volunteers, that operates year-round. Our participants, the majority of whom live in the community, train two hours each week, under the expertise and watchful eye of our highly skilled coaching staff. In an atmosphere that fosters good health and fun, our swimmers make dramatic improvements in their technique and endurance.

Our swimming program offers levels of instruction ranging from introductory to challenging, with our membership ranging from young school-aged children just learning their strokes, to summer swimmers who use our club for Winter Maintenance. The majority of our swimmers range in age from 5 to 18.

At PNSC, we employ a number of experienced and knowledgeable coaches. Our coaches are complemented by numerous assistant coaches and junior leaders who have grown up swimming at the Percy Norman Swim Club.

The Percy Norman Swim Club offers programs throughout the year, which encourages and enables each individual to improve his or her swimming skills within the BCSSA guidelines of two hours of coached swimming per week.

There are three sessions:

  • Fall Session: September to January

  • Winter/Spring Session: February to June

  • Summer Session: July & August

Practices are offered every day of the week other than Wednesday; swimmers are allowed to choose two practices per week.

The Percy Norman Swim Club is committed to the following goals:

  • To build self-esteem and confidence

  • To develop leadership, team spirit and sportsmanship

  • To develop awareness that swimming contributes to a healthy lifestyle

  • To offer a fall and winter program, which encourages and enables each individual to improve his or her swimming skills within the BCSSA guidelines of 2 hours of coached swimming per week.

Swimmers of all abilities are welcome to join the club. The only prerequisite is a demonstrated ability to swim 3 lengths of a 25 meter pool doing a front crawl, back crawl, and whip kick on front with confidence and a minimum of Red Cross Swim Kids 6.

For faster progress, novice members are encouraged to take swimming lessons while enrolled in the club.

The club swims at the Aquatic Centre at Hillcrest Park, located on 4575 Clancy Loranger Way in Vancouver, BC. For more information on the pool, visit the Aquatic Centre page.

For a map to the pool, click here.

If a family needs financial assistance to help get kids (between the ages of 4-18) involved in our club Jumpstart may be able to provide some assistance.

To apply for assistance:

Applications for assistance can typically be submitted from January 15 to November 1. If approved, funds are provided directly to PNSC on behalf of the qualifying youth or child.

At PNSC, we have a NO SOLICITING policy, meaning no one, other than those associated with PNSC fundraising, is allowed to sell things, advertise products, ask for donations, etc. We expect all members to observe and follow this policy. Thank you for your cooperation.

During practice, including stretching or activation, the Coach has the discretion of sitting out any swimmer if he/she thinks that swimmer is misbehaving or being disrespectful to the group.

If a swimmer is asked to sit out, the swimmer will be given a “Time-Out” during which he/she will do Alternative Independent Exercises (ie. dry land-style, like push-ups, sit-ups, squats; in-water activities, like vertical kicking with arms out of the water).  The “Time-Out” duration will be at the Coach’s discretion, and will be dependent on the severity of the misbehaviour.

The Coach of the practice will be responsible to communicate the fact a swimmer was given a Time-Out – detailing the incident(s) as much as possible – to the club president, who will then share this information with the parent(s) by e-mail, in-person, or phone.  If possible, the Coach will share this feedback immediately at the after practice with the parent.  Should that not be possible, at the parent’s request, a direct meeting with the coach can then be scheduled to discuss the incident in more detail.

Should a swimmer be removed from practice on 3 occasions, at the discretion of the coaching staff and the club president, that swimmer may be asked to leave the swim club.      

What constitutes a Time-Out?

Behaviour that jeopardizes the safety, the success, and the enjoyment of fellow club members (e.g. hitting, swearing, damaging equipment, intentional splashing, not following instructions, etc.), including any disrespectful actions to fellow swimmers, coaches, equipment or facility.

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