Our swimming program offers levels of instruction ranging from introductory to challenging with a qualified and experienced coaching staff. Shown below are the 2019/2020 Percy Norman Swim Club coaching staff along with their most recent biographies.

PNSC Coaches FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Gabrio is the Program Manager & Head Coach at PNSC. Gabrio has been coaching both competitive and non-competitive swimming for over eight years in Italy and in Australia.

Gabrio grew up as an age group swimmer for Nuotatori Milanesi, was a nationally ranked senior, swam at the varsity level and competed at the Italian Nationals and Youth European Championship. He has worked with athletes of all level and abilities, helping each athlete to meet their goals and achieve outstanding results. Prior to his move to Vancouver, he coached the City of Sydney Swimming Club (COSAC) at the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre in Sydney for two years. He coached a number of swimmers to the State Age and National Age level; three of his swimmers qualified for the Australian Age Championships in April 2016 and April 2017. Moreover, he had been the president of the North Sydney Masters Swimming Club for three years, one of the largest masters clubs in NSW. Outside of sports, he specializes in the promotion of Italian language and culture and holds a Masters degree from the University of Milan with time spent at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Edinburgh.

Email: head_coach@pnsc.ca


Daina has been with the club for more than ten years now and started coaching in mid-2014. He coaches most of the groups but spends most of his coaching time with the younger swimmers. In addition to coaching for the club, he also coordinates the club’s Junior Leader program and works for the City of Vancouver as a lifeguard, swim instructor and aqua fit instructor. Daina hopes to see another year of improvement for his and everyone else’s swimmers.

Email: daina15396@yahoo.ca


Isaac has been with the club for many years. Starting off as a swimmer, he gradually became more involved with the club by Junior Leading and Assistant Coaching for 2 years respectively. He is certified by the BCRPA as a Fitness Professional specializing in: Fitness Theory and Aquatic Fitness. Swimming with the club for many years, Isaac has added much to his strokes and physical fitness. In addition to a strong technical foundation, he is certified as a Water Safety Instructor and works as a Swim Instructor for the City of Vancouver. With his training and experience, he looks forward to the development of the young swimmers he will work with. Isaac finds joy in watching the overlying process of a young, growing swimmer. He is excited to begin!

Email: baker15396@gmail.com


Geoffrey is a 2nd year student at UBC. He is fully certified with NCCP level one, and has swam with PNSC for 8 years and with the Vancouver Vikings Swim Club for 6 years. He has coached with PNSC for the past 5 years as well. He enjoys coaching older groups so that he can challenge them while helping them develop a love for the more challenging aspects of the sport.

Email: g.ching@live.com


Carlton is currently a fourth year economics student at UBC and has been coaching with PNSC for four years. He has swam competitively for three years at the Canadian Dolphins Swim Club and Gators Swim Club as well as coached at Gators Swim Club for three years as well. Primarily coaching Blue and Red group, he hopes to develop and refine the techniques of his swimmers through his previous competitive experiences as well as his experiences at PNSC. This will be his first season with Grey group, so he hopes to extend his knowledge to the younger swimmers as well!

Email: duongcarlton@gmail.com


Rachel has been with Percy Norman Swim Club for 5 years of coaching. Rachel began swimming with PNSC at 11 years old and competitively swimming when she was 14 years old with Canadian Dolphins. Rachel’s coaching career began during her time at Gators Swim Club when she volunteered for her coach assisting with the younger swimmers. Rachel found that she has much passion for coaching then swimming. She will focus more on coaching Yellow and Grey.

Email: rachelswduong@gmail.com

Rachel Ma

Rachel is a 3rd year Criminology student at Simon Fraser University. She has been with PNSC for 4 years now and focuses on coaching primarily the yellow group. She swam competitively with the Killarney Gators Swim Club for 6 years and has previously coached for them. Rachel is also currently a lifeguard/swim instructor for the City of Vancouver. She is passionate about swimming and looks forward to working with all the kids.

E-mail: lilrach98@hotmail.com


Nancy is a second year kinesiology student at UBC. She has been a member of the Percy Norman Swim Club for six years. Nancy also works at other pools as a swimming instructor. This season, she looks forwards to meeting new swimmers and having lots of fun at practice!

Email: nancy.wa@hotmail.com


Sarah is a 2nd year medical student at the University of British Columbia. She has been with the Percy Norman Swim Club for over 10 years, both as a swimmer and then as a coach. Sarah was also a former competitive age-group national swimmer with the Winskill Dolphin Swim Club, specializing in backstroke and IM. She looks forward to another great season and is excited to meet all her swimmers!

Email: sarahyeo8@gmail.com


Richard is currently a first year student at UBC in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has been with the club since early 2008 as a swimmer and joined the coaching staff in 2013. Along with Percy Norman, Richard has swum competitively with the Vancouver Vikings, played water polo for the Vancouver Vipers and is currently working for Hillcrest pool as a lifeguard. Richard cannot wait to work his swimmers on improving their technique and endurance!

Email: zhong888@gmail.com

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