The Percy Norman Swim Club believes that being able to swim a mile is a tremendous accomplishment for our swimmers. In recognition of achieving such a level of fitness and dedication, the club has enrolled in the B.C. Safety Council's Mile Swim Award Program.

The Mile Swim offers recognition for the swimmer having entered the mile swim and it also offers an incentive for the "miler" to improve his or her time for the mile swim. Once a swimmer has completed the mile distance (64 lengths), they are presented with a Crest of Recognition (CR) and become a member of the Mile Club. When a swimmer has completed the mile swim within a qualifying time frame, they receive one of three possible "incentive bars". a

  • Bronze Bar (BB) - if completed in 45 minutes or less.
  • Silver Bar (SB) - if completed in 35 minutes or less.
  • Gold Bar (GB) - if completed in 25 minutes or less.

Each swimmer will get the "incentive bars" only once until they achieve the next level.

Note: It is the expectation of the club that a parent time his/her child during the Mile Swim. If you are unable to partake in this task, please find a substitute (ie. friend, relative, neighbor, etc.).

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Mile Swim FAQ

64 lengths (in a 25m pool)
Make sure you are well hydrated. Have a small snack within an hour of your Mile Swim. Make sure you arrive on time so you can stretch and warm-up before starting your swim.
Your timer will keep track of the number of lengths you have completed. They will put a kickboard in the water when you have 50m left.
You should aim to do freestyle for the entire mile. However, you may switch to another stroke if you get tired.
Please review the attachment for information on how to mark the time and how to use the stop watch.

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